Thursday, April 16, 2015

Of #batchielove and #vamandpig

Yesterday morning went back to airport after washing up and changed to meet up with Claire. Impromptu meeting to gave Rai an advanced birthday surprise cos that silly girl choose to work on her birthday!  

This month is sooooo hard to meet up. 

We camped outside control to wait for the late Queen. Lol. Always so last min then come airport one

Bumped into forever so pretty Jamie  

Rai arrived at control 5 mins before her reporting time  this daring girl. Lol. 

Waited for her briefing to end then we camwhored  

She was pretty surprised to see us. 
Why they two so pretty one? 
Walked Rai to the departure hall and stood there talking while waiting & hoping to see Jamie. 

Ended up couldnt wait for Jamie.. Rai need to leave already. If not we can take a picture together 
Have a good flight, Rai 
Went for brunch w Claire after that. 

Paradise Dynasty really got nice food. I actually need a foreign, Claire to tell me that  #failedsingaporean 

Especially the Pork Rib. Omg. So nice
This Beef Brisket Lai Mian also very nice lo and so big bowl. 

We shared the three dishes and we almost couldnt finished them. 
After that pork rib, I was still craving for it so had rice with pork ribs for dinner  

I always give in to my own cravings. 
Hello my vamvam 
Kenneth: 我的旁边有人meh? 

 complained about my selfie skill. Lol. 
Took one more to proof myself and kenna 大风吹 
Went to Kenneth's uni. 

If we are there together, we will come and eat this!! 

Pho with Beef  the chili paste also  

But then the lady getting more and more rude. Tsk tsk tsk. 

Thanks to @mintyminad 's recommendation.. I downloaded this game  

But this game is not available in Singapore's App store. 

Kenneth helped me to do some research on how to download games from other countries' App store  and FINALLY I got it!! 
Quite fun and addictive leh. 

Kenneth also playing 
Add me  


Ok.. Annoying pimple is annoying 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thankful and Blessed

Received this from my supervisor

I am flattered when she complimented me and then pass me this card.  

She received this from another colleague who firstly received from a passenger. I shall pass it on to the next person I wanna compliment  #passonthelove

I think I must be blessed to have such a nice set of crew 

I hope I wont jinx it but recently I had been meeting a lot of nice people.  so blessed so touched so thankful. 

Made me love my job slightly more each time 
Body Clock screwed up big time and all the overnight flight made my skin worst. Think I got like five new pimples 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Its Sunday and I keep forgetting that. Lol. 

Had a mini day out with my siblings 
Thankful for the both of them  

Today I just keep eating only. So full. 

Haven't really sleep today then just realized my flight tomorrow is not afternoon but early morning  

Die lo. Not enough rest!!! 
Tomorrow's Plan: Hibernation in Brisbane 



Saturday, April 11, 2015

Internet is quite important

Sometimes I think I looked prettier like this  

"Rosy" and chubby cheeks for sales. 
Checked in Christchurch resort few days ago but connection in my room sucks  I had to be out of my room for connection and somehow it was too chilly to stay out for long. 
We got "downgraded" to one small room instead of the one living room, one kitchen and one bedroom. 

And my room was just next to the crew room! 

At first my set of crew all laughed at me, saying that it will be very noisy at night if the crew room is occupied etc. 

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, I used the kitchen in the crew room to cook  so convenient for me because just next door. 
Just nua in bed cos the bed got heater  it was so cold in the room, i didnt even switch on the aircon!!! 

Bed heater is the best invention ever!! 

But I scare the bed will catch fire because it was so hot so I off the switch when it was burning hot and switch it on again when I was freezing. Cycle repeat. 
Supermarket is all crew fav place to go 
Guess what I found!!! Colourful cans of Coke 
Coke Zero with a touch of Pink 
Stocking up cos coming to the mall isnt easy, we need to take the shuttle bus that is only available at 1200hrs, 1500hrs and 1700hrs which also means coming back shuttle also only at the three timings. 

Torturing part is waiting for the bus to come and pick us up😑
First night I just stayed in my room after supermarket. 

Actually I am very fortunate to have my supervisors volunteering to cooked for us on both my flights to Christchurch but I choose to be anti-social this time round and stay in my room to slack. 

Watching my fav thai movie "Crazy little thing called Love"  its my fourth time watching it already but I still loved it a lot. 
The actress and actor are so pretty and handsome!!! 

It is about a story of a ugly duckling secretly loving her handsome and popular senior in school, how she slowly transformed into a beautiful girl, her bond with her friends and a 'love' story between the main actress and actor. 
Second day I tried to catch the sunrise from my room's balcony but cant see turned out becos my room is facing the West lol
Went jogging around the resort  

It was pretty chilling, good thing is I packed enough for a warm run  jacket + long thermal leggings. 
Sceneries while running 
The skies wasnt as pretty as the first time when I was here. 

Compare this  to that 
(Taken about a year ago)

It is the same place  

I purposely jogged over to catch the beautiful scenery, only to disappoint myself 

Same place but different time and season of the year. 
Just keep walking... 
No sunrise, at least got sunset to see 
Cooked our humble dinner with a Thai girl  scrambled eggs with pan fried salmon + corn (not in pic) with a plate of crabmeat sticks fried with thai sweet chili. 
Then some crew dropped by the crew room and saw we only had these for dinner so they offered us pasta, mushroom and steak.  

Ended up we had a feast. Lol
On the day we checked out, the skies was so much prettier! 

It was so gloomy during our stay that even at night, we couldnt see any stars  

And why was the flight back so busy!!!!!!  Saw my ex colleague onboard, so qiao la. Even better if it was a closer friend lol. 

Okay. Back in Singapura liao. Bye

Monday, April 06, 2015

Went for a mini surprise celebration for Huifen last Saturday.  grateful that they invited me! Though it was a short meet up cos I got a flight to catch after that so I went to meet them w my make up and hair done, pulling my cabin bag along. 
Huifen looking so cute in this photo  

I hope I will be like them! Aging gracefully!! They dont looked like they are already in their late twenties/early thirties uh!  (if they see this, they going to kill me) but then it is a compliment!! I think I looked like their age 
mini cake for the mini surprise 

Starring my protruding right ear  looked so ugly like an elephant. 
And I slept away my Sunday  ultra tired after my overnight flight. KO all the way till afternoon, missed out going for qing ming and ahma house. 

Basically lazy whole day. 
Today just slack at home only. Slept a lot, making up for all my sleep debts, then eat brunch then camwhore 
Hair looking thick today 
自恋 x 4 
Then meet up with my girls for dinner  (bad lighting!!)

Did a bus 29 tour when I missed my stop. Why cafes like to be closed on Monday!!? Those who wanna go there to chase away Monday blues how? 😬 

Lets do a cheer for the food!


Though I went there mainly for truffle fries and waffles!